Scenario-based mission statements

Promoting sustainable urban development in the context of the energy transition

Keywords: energy transition, mission statement, scenario, urban inertial forces, integrated urban development


Using a planning process for the Stuttgart Neckar Valley as a case study, this paper analyzes the urban inertial forces that counteract the transformation of energy infrastructure areas in the context of the energy transition. In order to overcome these forces, a scenario-based mission statement was developed in which spatial scenarios were derived from energy scenarios and finally summarized in a concept plan for the Neckar Valley. The mission statement was developed following an analytical-deliberative and transdisciplinary approach. The approach to mission statement development presented here can respond flexibly to changing framework conditions and thus serve as a model for other cities with large-scale energy infrastructures in transition.
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DIETZ, R.; TEODOROVICI, D.; BUSCH, S.; BLESL, M.; RUDDAT, M.; ZAHUMENSKY, Y. Scenario-based mission statements. TATuP - Zeitschrift für Technikfolgenabschätzung in Theorie und Praxis, v. 30, n. 1, p. 29-35, 31 Mar. 2021.