Gemeindebeteiligung als Schlüssel für regionale Akzeptanz

Das Beispiel des Stollenspeicher-Wasserkraftwerkes Stanzertal




Akzeptanz, Bürgerbeteiligung, Finanzierung, GND, Öffentlichkeit, Österreich, Wasserkraftwerk, Wissenschaftskommunikation, Wissenschaftspolitik


With the early engagement of communities and stakeholders in the development of the project as well as their engagement in the project association the often reluctant positions of the public regarding the realization of infrastructure projects can be overcome. For this it is a requirement that the project is ecologically compliant and at the same time economically beneficial. Key to reaching regional acceptance is building mutual trust among the project partners. This is possible through transparency, open discussions, participation regarding decisions and a creditable effort to put the collected project success before self-interests.



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Widmann W, Roner M, Weidner R. Gemeindebeteiligung als Schlüssel für regionale Akzeptanz: Das Beispiel des Stollenspeicher-Wasserkraftwerkes Stanzertal. TATuP [Internet]. 2015 Nov. 1 [cited 2021 Dec. 7];24(3):73-81. Available from: