Perspektiven der Forschungsförderung für Postwachstum




Förderung, Forschung, GND, Innovation, Postwachstumsökonomie, Strategische Planung, Transformation, Trennverfahren


The science and research landscape in Germany requires new governance structures that can integrate and use societal potential for innovation toward sustainable transformation. The focus on economic growth and technological approaches in national and European research and innovation policy is insufficient for tackling major challenges such as climate change, social inequality and overexploitation of resources. A systemic approach to innovation and research incorporates cultural change and social innovation. A research policy that promotes a deliberative and iterative discussion between civil society actors, industry and science can help strengthen the necessary confidence in cross-sectoral change processes and includes social knowledge in innovation strategies. Actors and structures in science and research require a reorientation of their organization and content in order to generate and implement viable approaches for reducing the growth of consumption and production.



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