The quantified self in lifestyle and healthcare

A technology assessment study




quantified self, self-tracking, technology assessment, healthcare


Digital self-quantification, also known as quantified self (QS), refers to the measuring and recording of body parameters and conditions using apps and wearables. Self-quantification aims at improved efficacy and self-optimization for better health and well-being. In medicine, QS is used rather hesitantly since products are of poor quality, particularly in terms of user data protection, and the evidence of effectiveness is often lacking. The article is based on results of the TA-SWISS study “Quantified Self – Interface between Lifestyle and Medicine”. It describes the QS phenomenon from the medical, legal, ethical, economic, and social perspectives. Future developments and potential solutions are outlined for the exploitation of opportunities arising from the use of QS in medicine and lifestyle while controlling the associated risks.



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Scheermesser M, Meidert U, Evers-Wölk M, Prieur Y, Hegyi S, Becker H. The quantified self in lifestyle and healthcare: A technology assessment study. TATuP [Internet]. 2011 Dec. 20 [cited 2021 Dec. 8];27(3):57-62. Available from: