Drones as partners in the airspace

Framework conditions for regulation of civilian drones





drone regulation, U-Space, drone safety, data protection


In our article, we summarize three topics of a recently published study on technology assessment of civilian drones. First, we explain that the legal concept of drones is unclear and that a technical definition of the term "drone" would be the wrong way to go. We present an alternative approach to integrate the concept of drones into European aviation law. Second, we describe the complexity of the technical aspects to be regulated in order to enable the integration of drones into the airspace system beyond visual line of sight. We describe the problem of technical safety and the components of a drone traffic management system. Third, we point to an enforcement gap in coping with the ethical, legal, and social challenges of drones, particularly in data protection.



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Christen M, Guillaume M, Jablonowski M, Lenhart P, Moll K. Drones as partners in the airspace: Framework conditions for regulation of civilian drones. TATuP [Internet]. 2018 Dec. 11 [cited 2021 Dec. 8];27(3):20-6. Available from: https://tatup.de/index.php/tatup/article/view/168