Regional Cycles: Regional Economy towards Sustainability


International Conference Regional Cycles: Regional Economy towards Sustainability

Leipzig, October 31 - November 2, 2002


Regional economy as a concept for sustainable development has raised a lot of interest among researchers and policy makers in the last years. But how can economic concepts at the regional level actually be implemented? Where do regional cycles make sense? How can European Regions learn from each other? The International Conference: "Regional Cycles - Regional economy towards Sustainability" aims to find answers to these questions, and to enliven the interdisciplinary debate on sustainable regional economic activities in Europe. The theme "Regional Cycles" should hereby be understood in a wide sense, including financial, substance and material cycles and their regionalisation.

The conference is organised on behalf of the German Ministry of Education and Research.

Conference Objectives

The Conference aims to: 

During the Conference participants will have the opportunity to visit EUREGIA, "the Congress and Specialist Exhibition for sustainable regional development in Europe". More information can be found at

Conference Themes

At the conference innovative proposals will be presented, which may include case studies, research results, roundtable discussions and networking activities. The main topics addressed are: 


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