New EC Website on ethics in research


New EC Website on Ethics in Research

CORDIS, the European Commission's Research & Development Information Service, is dedicating a specific section of its new Science and Society service to promote awareness of ethics in research and innovation activities.

The Fifth Framework programme supports strong ethical requirements for the financed research projects. The upcoming Framework Programme 2002 - 2006 will certainly reinforce this commitment for keeping progress in science in line with the ethical values of Member States and associated countries.

The site, part of the new "Science and Society" service, provides a central access to both European and international reference texts and legislative documents with regard to ethics in research. In addition, it offers direct links to the activities of the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies currently led by Ms. Lenoir.

The service will be a valuable tool for researchers and stakeholders to fully participate in and contribute to responsible research activities.


(Source: CORDIS focus)