Eurosafe Towards convergence of technical safety practices in Europe Paris, France, November 5-6, 2001



Towards convergence of technical safety practices in Europe
Paris, France, November 5-6, 2001

Eurosafe is an international forum for discussion among experts from technical safety organisations, research institutes, safety authorities, utilities, the industry, public authorities and non-governmental organisations concerning the status of and recent achievements in nuclear installation safety, waste management, radiation safety and nuclear material security.

The third edition of the forum focuses on discussing the management of nuclear risks and the latest work carried out by GRS, IPSN and their partners form the European Union and Eastern Europe.

Nuclear energy contributes approximately one third of European electricity production. A high level of nuclear safety is a priority for the countries of Europe and the technical safety organisations play an important role in contributing to that objective through appropriate approaches to major safety issues as part of their assessments and research.

The challenges to nuclear safety are increasingly international. Changes in underlying technologies such as instrumentation and control, the impact of electricity market deregulation, demands for improved safety, the ageing of nuclear facilities, waste management, maintaining and improving scientific and technical knowledge and the need for greater transparency - these are all issues where the value of an international approach is gaining increasing recognition.

The development of the European Union and its future enlargement will also require closer collaboration between technical safety organisations and even more convergence in European nuclear safety practices. EUROSAFE aims to respond to these needs by offering a European forum for information on and discussion of important nuclear safety issues.

The first day of the meeting is devoted to Round Tables on the "Management of nuclear risks":

Management of accident risks:
The first round table will deal with the technical, organisational and societal aspects of risk management aimed at the prevention of accidents in nuclear power plants. Among the questions to be discussed are: 

Management of radiological risks relating to human health and the environment:
The second round table will focus on radiological risks from the normal operation of nuclear installations. Special consideration will be given to the involvement of stakeholders. Among the questions to be discussed are: 

On the second day, five seminars, that are open to all, will be held in order to provide excellent opportunities for comparing experiences and learning about recent activities of IPSN, GRD and their partners in the European Union and Eastern Europe.

Seminar 1: Nuclear Installation Safety - Assessment and Analysis
Seminar 2: Nuclear Installation Safety - Research
Seminar 3: Waste Management
Seminar 4: Environment and Radiation Protection
Seminar 5: Nuclear Material Security

On November 5, round tables will be simultaneously translated into French, German, English and Russian. On November 6, seminars will be held only in English.

Please send in your registration by October 15, 2001.

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