First Announcement CRIS 2000 Helsinki, Finland, May 25-27, 2000


First Announcement

CRIS 2000
Helsinki, Finland, May 25-27, 2000

The fifth conference on Current Research Information Systems (in Europe), CRIS 2000, will take place in Helsinki (Finland) on 25 - 27 May 2000. The conference is being organised by the European Commission, within the framework of the Commission's INNOVATION/SMEs Programme, and hosted by the Finnish Ministry of Education and TEKES, the Technology Development Centre in Finland.


Internet technology and computer networks have evolved to the point that information providers and users are able to develop innovative approaches to the creation and dissemination of research information. The traditional CRIS was the research documentation unit at publicly-funded universities, which produced research information in forms that were cumbersome and difficult to access. With the emergence of the Web, CRIS have evolved into dynamic, interactive information resources, and important means for technology transfer, inter-institutional collaboration, and public access to research information.

The CRIS 2000 Conference will address the challenge of using new technologies for Web, multimedia and database integration to make information on current research available for the benefit of all sectors of the society.

The Conference will offer four different approaches for achieving these aims:

  1. Papers in plenary sessions;
  2. Cybercafé online demonstrations of leading-edge CRIS applications;
  3. Roundtable sessions of special interest groups;
  4. Poster presentations of innovative CRIS methods, tools, and results.

In addition to the scientific programme, special social activities will be arranged.

Conference Topics for Papers

The conference will be organised around the following main topics:

  1. The CRIS Product
    Creation and Dissemination of Current Research Information 
    • CRIS organisational issues
    • Technologies for developing new CRIS products
    • Integration of information on the Web
    • The use of multimedia CRIS information for dissemination of results
    • Data integrity and quality control
    • CRIS distribution and the global Internet
  2. CRIS Usage
    Tailoring Research Information to User Needs 
    • Research information in online knowledge environments
    • User authentication and security issues
    • User-defined access to CRIS information
    • Meta-information tools for providing and customising information
    • Innovative e-commerce applications in CRIS networks 
  3. The "Public Interest" in CRIS
    Research Information in Contemporary Society
    • From tax payer to beneficiary: the value of research information
    • CRIS as a means to promote public awareness of research
    • Structured government documents for citizens
    • CRIS and intellectual property; protecting the rights of researchers
    • CRIS and international co-operation
    • The power of CRIS for technology transfer and economic development
  4. The Future of CRIS
    Research Information: the Next Decade
    • Emerging technologies for CRIS
    • CRIS and commercial publishing
    • User expectations of CRIS in the future

Posters and Contributions to the Cybercafé

The CRIS 2000 Cybercafé will be a home page providing access to the Conference contributions in addition to Conference related information. The Cybercafé also will be the forum for a "virtual" CRIS Conference, with links to CRIS and other services, which might be used for demonstrations during the Conference and for discussion in specific technical roundtable groups. Persons or organisations are invited to submit a one-page summary for poster or Cybercafé contribution in any of the topics listed above. Posters will be displayed prominently in the Conference venue.

The CRIS 2000 Cybercafé will be published in advance of the Conference on the CRIS 2000 Web site, as a "virtual conference". Contributors will also be invited to demonstrate and discuss their Cybercafé presentations in roundtable sessions of the special interest groups with other Conference attendees. Cybercafé contributions should emphasise innovative technical approaches and developments, or "best practices" in current research information. The programme committee may select some Cybercafé presentations for topics of the roundtable discussions.

Conference Languages

The Conference languages will be English, French and German. Speeches will be simultaneously interpreted in and from those languages. Papers, abstracts, posters and contributions to the Cybercafé, however, have to be presented in English.


CRIS 2000 Secretariat
Ms. Marja Malmgren
Helsinki University of Technology Library
POB 7000 FIN-02015 HUT, Finland
Fax: + 358-9-451 4132
E-mail: CRIS2000∂

CRIS 2000 Conference sites are to be found on:
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