10th European Conference and Technology Exhibition - Call for papers Biomass for Energy and Industry Würzburg, Germany, 8 - 11 June 1998

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10th European Conference and Technology Exhibition - Call for papers

Biomass for Energy and Industry
Würzburg, Germany, 8 - 11 June 1998

The 10th European Biomass Conference will take place during 8 - 11 June 1998 in Würzburg, Germany.

The increasing acceptance amongst scientist and politicans alike of the necessity to reduce CO2-emissions and intensify the development of renewable energy technologies, has raised the importance of biomass as an energy source. Particularly significant in this context is the fact that, of all renewable resources, biomass has the greatest potential for growth.

In addition to covering all new aspects of conversion technologies, cultivation and preparation of biomass, this conference will particularly focus on market exploitation opportunities and securing a greater share in the heat, electricity and transportation fuel markets. An additional emphasis will be placed on information relating to the use of solid biomass. In order to promote the transition from research results to practical application, a specific programme for political decision makers will be offered.


The four-day programme for this Conference will comprise: 

In addition, political and strategical workshops on specific issues related to biomass and bioenergy technology deployment will take place during the Conference.


Papers are invited on the following topics: 

  1. Worldwide strategies for biomass
    Examples of challenges and success stories in biomass technology deployment around the world. 
  2. Biomass-derived industrial products and materials
    Lubricants, insulating materials, new construction materials, textiles, technical fibres, packing materials, biopolymers. 
  3. Timber and wood-based materials in the building sector
    Novel applications of timber, industrial uses of timber. 
  4. Biomass energy crops and residues
    Cultivation, harvesting, storage, biomass densification, biomass drying, transport, logistics, biomass supply reliability, economics. 
  5. Combustion of biomass
    Domestic heaters, district heating, cofiring, fluid bed combustion, novel combustion techniques, applications for heat and power. 
  6. Advanced thermochemical conversion processes and novel applications
    Gasification, thermal pyrolysis, hydrolysis, product up-grading, hydrogen, stirling engines, RD & D projects. 
  7. Biofuel production and utilisation in the transportation market
    Biodiesel and other vegetable oil derived liquid fuels, ethanol, ETBE and other biofuels, recycling of waste oils and fats, new biofuel raw material sources, quality improvement and standards, economics and marketing. 
  8. Biogas
    Small biogas systems, biomass co-fermentation, biogas from waste, biogas heat and electricity production.
  9. Implementation issues
    Markets and marketing strategies, utility issues; Legislation: legal framework, tariffs, duties and taxes; Financing: funding, credits, green prices; Macro-economic issues: fiscal benefits, job creation, regional development, environmental issues.

Deadline for receipt of Abstract: 15. September 1997. Conference languages: English and German.

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