The First Nordic Congress of Telemedicine


The First Nordic Congress of Telemedicine

Kuopio/Finland, 17 - 19 June 1996

The Finnish Society of Telemedicine, the University of Kuopio, and the Kuopio University Hospital are pleased to welcome people interested in Telemedicine world-wide to the First Nordic Congress of Telemedicine, focusing on a wide variety of applications. Our congress starts on Monday the 17th of June, right after the HUSITA 4 conference, which ends on the previous Friday, the 14th. You will have a good possibility to join both conferences on your visit to Finland.

What do We Understand by Telemedicine?

To provide information, one picture is worth a thousand words, and this is the advantage telemedicine offers. Telemedicine effectively uses data transmission and the knowledge of top experts. When you send a patients data in the form of a text, tables, pictures and monitored parameters to a top medical expert, you can receive brilliant and relevant advice on the diagnosis and treatment of the patient.

Telemedicine virtually brings the knowledge of a top expert to the patients. It is obvious what this means for the treatment of patients, especially in critical situations.

Telemedicine saves human lives. In economic terms, the best medical expert's know-how can be used effectively and productively. Thus, this technique is more than welcome on today's recession.

The principal aim of the congress is to learn how to make full use of these possibilities, By coming together to exchange ideas and experiences, we can learn from each other and then go home to put new ideas into practice.

Congress Programme

The congress programme will include plenary sessions for the introduction of telemedicinal idea and its applications. This intrinsic ideology of telemedicine is approached from medicinal, technical and organisational points of view. Participants may present their own ideas and experiences in form of free papers, posters, videos and computer software. Our main goal is to meet the scientific needs of our guests, and to give plenty of new ideas to bring back home.

(Source: Congress Announcement)

For further information, please contact

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