British Council Seminar "Science and Technology Policy: Key Issues and Strategies"


British Council Seminar "Science and Technology Policy: Key Issues and Strategies"

Manchester/UK, 24 - 30 March 1996

The seminar "Science and technology policy: key issues and strategies" will take place from the 24th to the 30th of March, 1996, in Manchester.


Recent years have seen the growth of pressures on research and development budgets at many levels: corporate, national and international. Governments, funding agencies, and research councils have all increased their stress on issues of efficiency, value for money and commercial exploitation. At the same time, there is an ever increasing recognition of the fundamental importance of new technologies for the competitiveness of companies and whole economies.

This seminar will examine the issues raised by these trends and the questions which must be answered by policy makers in the field of science and technology policy.

Issues to be addressed:

- priority setting and foresight in
science and technology

- evaluation of R&D

- collaboration in R&D

- strategies for innovation.

By the end of the seminar, participants will have been introduced to the latest views and methods which are being used in the field of science and technology policy, and will have been able to take part in practical demonstrations of the application of these.


Participants will be addressed by senior policy makers and academics. There will be ample opportunities for discussion of crucial issues with the contributors, and several practical exercises will be carried out where appropriate.

The seminar will be directed by Professor Luke Georghiou, Director of PREST (Programme of Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology), University of Manchester, assisted by Hugh Cameron ,PREST.

Contributors to the Seminar will include Professors Luke Georghiou, Philip Gummett and J S Metcalfe of PREST and representatives of the European Commission, the UK Department of Trade and Industry and the Office of Science and Technology.


The seminar is designed to cater for the needs of heads and administrators of research agencies, senior managers of other scientific organizations and funding bodies, civil servants dealing with research and development support programmes, and senior scientists and academics with interests in science policy.

Participation is restricted to 35 persons and the fee is £1,220, which includes accommodation and all meals.


Application forms and further information may be obtained from your nearest British Council office or from:

International Seminars Department
The British Council
10 Spring Garden
London SW1A 2BN, UK
Tel.: +44 (0)171 389 4264/4252/4226
Telex: 8952201 BICON G

(Source: British Council Prospectus, abridged)