ICCDR-3 - Third International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal


ICCDR-3 - Third International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal

Cambridge, Mass./USA, 9 - 11 September 1996

At the first Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Berlin in March 1995, the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) was adopted. One of the provisions of the CTI is to "assess the feasibility of developing longer-term technologies to capture, remove or dispose of greenhouse gases and strengthen relevant basic and applied research." This provision coincides with a major objective of the International Conferences on Carbon Dioxide Removal (ICCDR).

ICCDR-1 was held in March 1992, in Amsterdam and represented the first major gathering of researchers in the field of CO2 capture, disposal, and utilization. Two years later, ICCDR-2 was held in Kyoto, solidifying the reputation of the ICCDR as the premier conference in its field. ICCDR-3, to be hosted in the United States, will continue the tradition of excellence established in The Netherlands and Japan.

ICCDR-3 is being organized by the MIT Energy Laboratory and will serve two types of attendees-persons or organizations interested in understanding the role CO2 removal can play in helping mitigate potential climate change, as well as scientists doing research in CO2 capture, disposal, or utilization. Besides the formal presentations, the conference will provide ample opportunities for informal discussions with the world's leading researchers in this field.

The language of the Conference will be English, with no simultaneous translation.

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