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TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice is peer reviewed and diamond open access, both online and in print. The journal sections with different article types cover the interdisciplinary field of technology assessment (TA). This includes scientific research on and practical as well as problem oriented findings from the interstices between technological innovation, social change and policy advice.  Neighboring and overlapping fields of research are, inter alia,echn systems analysis, risk assessment, practical ethics, sustainability and innovation studies, science and technology studies or foresight.

TATuP creates public outreach by communicating research findings and policy recommendations also to transdisciplinary stakeholders. The concise form of peer-reviewed articles as well as the journal’s open access policy, web design, and print layout are fitted to this purpose. Editorial contents in the journal cater primarily to members of the Network Technology Assessment as well as all those interested in news from the field of TA.

Geographic focus: The journal has a regional focus on Western Europe, particularly Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where technology assessment is a widespread approach to study dynamic relations between technological innovation and social change, including also policy advice. Since technological innovation and social change evolve in complex global constellations the journal addresses also international authors and readers.

Authors and Languages: TATuP addresses international authors who seek to publish original research articles, book reviews, meeting reports, or any other content that fits into the journal's thematic profile and sections. Articles are published in either German or English language, all research articles include English-language abstracts. 

Readers: With its inter- and transdisciplinary profile TATuP addresses international readers from science, politics, business as well as practitioners concerned with technology assessment or socio-technical technology development. With its regional focus the journal offers insights for international readers into research findeings and TA discourses in some of the world's most industrialized countries.

Ownership: TATuP is owned, funded, managed, and edited by the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS), the world’s largest institution for technology assessment located at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Publication Schedule: TATuP is published at regular intervals three times a year in printed and electronic form.

Journal history: TATuP has been published continuously since 1992:

  • 1992-2001 as “TA-Datenbank-Nachrichten” (ISSN 0943-8249).
  • 2002-2016 as “Technikfolgenabschätzung – Theorie und Praxis (TATuP)” (ISSN 1619-7623, eISSN 2199-9201).
  • Since 2017 the journal has been relaunched under its current name “TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice” as a peer-reviewed open access journal.

ISSN: 2568-020X (Print), 2567-8833 (Online)

Copyright notice: TATuP is an open access journal. If not otherwise indicated, all articles are published under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0. According to this CC license, TATuP contributions may be reprinted or otherwise distributed as long as the authors are credited and the complete bibliographical data are cited. Authors agree to publish their articles under the Creative Commons license CC BY 4.0 by giving their approval for publication in TATuP.

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